Thank you Friday, Jun 19 2009 

Thank you team Digilism, thank you class of Digital Collaboration Studios 2009 and thank you Jeremy and Graham for making this class a memorable experience.


Contributions to Final Fabrication Friday, Jun 19 2009 

As bad as our presentation went yesterday, after having a day to sleep on the situation.. if everything ran smoothly we would have got good reviews because we really did a good job. Good on team digilism, although we made many mistakes we really did pull together at the last minute to help out.

Do you want to see what I did within this project… take a look at our trailer and look at the main building. I built it 🙂

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Yes I did.. it was a hard process but it was one that was really enjoyed. Also withing this fabrication I did all the importing whether it was parts of the building or the street lights and park benches that are located around.

I am really proud of this project and am still very passionate about how it all went. I will still look out for the politics surrounding this project and I am very happy that we did complete what we aimed on day one, that was to create an environment that focuses upon the potential of an unbuilt building.

Unfortunately Thursday, Jun 18 2009 

Now its roughly 6:30pm and as soon as we finished the presentation I rushed home to blog this… WHAT A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE DAY. Today I was at uni very early to add in the presentation room which we realised that we had not done. I waited for Karl to arrive because I was having trouble opening the file in crysis. Karl arrived and to my shock horror Karl can’t open the file either. the only person with the latest file is Jane and where is Jane. I got a text at 8am saying she is sick, she has informed Jeremy but she will not be attending the presentation. I was shocked because Jane worked really hard and we really were all proud of our work but I guess if your sick your sick, there is nothing that can be done. That is not the bad part. the worst part is that Jane had the latest file, we couldn’t open it, her phone was off, we had to present using an old file. We got absolutely smashed up their and I don’t blame the judges… it was a poor effort of our team and it showed exactly how a poor collaboration went wrong.

Hopefully we are not marked on our presentation becuase compared to our other team members we were shocking… I think we would have had to be the worst of all the groups.

Finally Thursday, Jun 18 2009 

We finally submitted now thank heavens for that.

9am this morning Assignment DUE!! Wednesday, Jun 17 2009 

Ok so 9am this morning the assisnment was supposed to be handed in… notice the word SUPPOSED! we didn’t hand in… at the moment we do not have people or the finishing touches such as park benches. We were dying, I was working, as was Karl. We sent this file to Suthea but with the differences with time we decided that we couldn’t send it to her at all. Below is the email that was sent from myself to Jeremy explaining the difficulties.

Melissa Lattouf



Sent Items

Wednesday, 17 June 2009 2:20 PM



Jeremy Harkins ‎[]‎

Thank you for understanding Jeremy.



Jeremy Harkins

Hi Melissa, That’s alright, just get it in as soon as possible, and remember to write these issues up on your personal blogs (that’s collaboration), also remind the rest of your team of this. Good luck Jeremy —–Original Message—– From: Melissa Lattouf

10:19 AM



Melissa Lattouf

Hello Jeremy, It’s Melissa from team Digilism. The reason why we have not handed in our assessment as yet is because yesterday we had extreme amounts of trouble transfering the file to Suthea who is overseas. Basically she does not have access to the Internet

10:01 AM

 God bless Jane she sat at uni during the day and did as much tutorials as she could to learn how to put people in… and she did it. When Karl finished work he went to her rescue while I was finsihing off the details of the fabrication Jane and Karl were doing the tough time.

Now Suthea is working on the blog, Karl is taking the 10 pictures, Janes is finishing one video, Jane another video. I am organising the presentation as well as finishing off the minor finishing touches to the fabrication.

Another phone call from Karl Tuesday, Jun 16 2009 

I was starting to dread every time that Karl called me becuase this time it was 9pm and he called to inform me that the building once scaled turned into a ghost building and was not functional. He had saved over his original file so again I was re importing the model into crysis.

I finished this and sent it to Suthea becuase she text us that she has arrived in China. So it is monday night and the building is imported…. no people… no material… no finishes.

As I stayed up monday night I think I went to bed at about 4am becuase I was finding and importing park benches, phone boots, street signs, street lights etc. We arranged that by the next day around noon (taking in timee differences) that Suthea would have imported all the people which by now she should have known what to do. It seems that she didn’t… As we all thought that suthea was doing her part I text her and she informed me that the internet is extremely, extremely slow where she is and  it is estimating her 4 hours to download the file from our internet server. CRAZYYYY!!! thats what was happening to me, mind you all I was thinking was that ok she text and noon so she will have finished the upload at 4pm by the time she does her work and re uploads it will be about 12am our time… this still doesn’t leave us enough time to material, add cars and all finishing surroundings.

So we scraped that Idea. We sent the file to Karl straight away to start materialing and then to Jane to add cars, then to me to add surroundings.

Thats were we are now… hope we finish this by the morning…

Class Wiki Monday, Jun 15 2009 

One thing that I do regret about this coarse was the fact that I did not get more involved with the class wiki. In fact i didn’t get involved until the last minute. I always looked at it but I never wrote anything or posted anything because I didn’t think my information was relevant enough. Once I started to get involved I automatically got attached to it, I think I read every single word on every single page because it was so interesting to see what my class mates had completed. I think within like 3 days I had about 4 posts and that was not because I had to, it was because I was really interested and wanted to. It was unfortunate that I didn’t get involved sooner because it was definitely a positive for the coarse.

Phone call from Karl Sunday, Jun 14 2009 

This morning I received a phone call from Karl… it wasn’t a good one either. Karl was the last to leave uni yesterday and he did not save the file that we were working the whole day on. So again I had to import the building.

As frustrated as I was it was a good thing becuase from this I realised that the stairs and the bridge up the top intersected with each other. I knew that Jermey’s most important thing that he kep telling us was to make sure the stairs work, make sure the stairs work. So I ripped up the stairs and re did them. This took me the whole of Sunday to do so again it did push our group back another day.

Tonight the model was completed and set over to Karl to material and scale.

Team Meeting Saturday, Jun 13 2009 

Today was the day that team digilism met up to exchange files. Unfortunately it didn’t run as smoothly as possible but it was nothing to worry about. Firstly we had troubles importing this file into max but on the other hand when dont we. We kept seing this eror in max saying that there was not enough memory. We initally thought it was from my C drive becuase we were working off my laptop, so we started to uninstall and delete any unused files on my computer. We try again and we still received the same error so we searched the uni up and down to find someone with a setup of 3ds Max 2008 that we can install on the lab computers. We found it… so we installed the sdk file for crysis and STILL the error appeared… what were we going to do??? we realised that we had to individually save the max files as seperate files i.e. a seperate file for the base, a seperate file for the stairs, bridge etc. Eventually this worked so we started to import the file into crysis.

At uni we were all on different computers, we worked out how to import cars, buildings, material etc. so we were all doing our own thing. The only trouble we had was importing regular AI characters and allowing them to work.

We left today and we were all heading in the right direction. We thought we were going to finish but it is ok becuase we still have a few days to work on it.

Building Finished Friday, Jun 12 2009 



I must admit it was both fun and a challenge but it was very very stressful to complete a model from a 2d diagram.

Looking forward to meeting with the team tomorrow.

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